Beam Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040

If you’re interested in predicting the price of Beam Coin or assessing the potential of BEAM Token, Beam Price Prediction could offer valuable insights. Our forecast relies on thorough technical analysis and the current performance trends of BEAM. Here, we aim to provide a comprehensive analysis of BEAM Coin’s long-term prospects.

BEAM stands out as a prominent crypto project in today’s market landscape. Before delving into the BEAM token price forecast, let’s conduct an in-depth examination of the BEAM project:

BEAM serves as a marketplace that brings developers and players together to drive innovation in the gaming industry.
The primary utility of the BEAM token lies in facilitating transactions within the Beam Network.
Merit Circle DAO introduced the BEAM network, which facilitates interactions with smart contracts in addition to asset transfers.

BEAM token has garnered significant attention from investors, particularly due to its affiliation with Binance, which has contributed to its rapid rise in popularity. As a burgeoning gaming project, BEAM has attracted a substantial investor base. Trading of BEAM tokens commenced on Binance and several other major exchanges, broadening the project’s reach to thousands of investors. Should BEAM become available on additional prominent trading platforms, its price could experience exponential growth in the foreseeable future.

BEAM Price Prediction


The BEAM token emerges as a meme crypto project poised for significant popularity. Since its recent launch, BEAM Coin has demonstrated remarkable growth within the market, yielding substantial returns for its early investors by reaching a new all-time high (ATH) of $0.03648 on February 22, 2024. Bolstered by expansive exchange listings and robust community support, the future outlook for BEAM Coin appears promising.

Based on our analysis, we anticipate continued growth in BEAM Coin prices, potentially exceeding the target of $1,989 by the decade’s end. Amidst a bullish trend observed across various cryptocurrencies this year, BEAM Coin exhibits similar upward momentum. With the emergence of meme-based tokens as a trending phenomenon in the crypto space, BEAM Coin stands poised to capture further attention in the future. As we anticipate the next bullish market cycle, there are strong prospects for BEAM coin to achieve new ATH levels.

Beam Price Prediction 2024

In 2024, BEAM tokens are poised for increased popularity with their listing on additional renowned exchanges. Our price forecast suggests an average BEAM token price of approximately $0.0413 for the year. If the current growth trend persists, BEAM Coin’s maximum trading value could reach around $0.0489. However, in the event of market downturns, the bottom price may stabilize at approximately $0.0347. Our analysis indicates the potential for BEAM Coin to achieve a new all-time high (ATH) level in 2024 amidst favorable market conditions.

Beam Price Prediction 2025

By 2025, the value of BEAM tokens is anticipated to experience significant growth. We predict an average price of approximately $0.0567 per BEAM token, with a maximum price projection of $0.0681. Our analysis also suggests that BEAM Coin will establish a new ATH level during this period, although the minimum price may hover around $0.0515. Should the market trend bullish, BEAM’s upward trajectory in 2025 may surpass our expectations.

Beam Price Prediction 2030

Looking ahead to 2030, the average price of a BEAM token is projected to reach around $0.76. As the cryptocurrency market potentially enters a new era, tokens like BEAM, backed by tangible projects, may thrive. We anticipate BEAM to trade at a maximum price of approximately $0.83, with a minimum value of around $0.48 in the event of market downturns. Alongside BEAM Coin, other tokens may also achieve new ATH levels in 2030, with the possibility of BEAM prices exceeding our forecast in a bullish market scenario.

Beam Price Prediction 2035

In the bullish climate of 2035, BEAM token is poised for remarkable growth. Our forecast indicates an average price of approximately $2.07 per BEAM coin, with the potential for prices to surge further if a bullish rally occurs. We anticipate a maximum price level of $2.48, while the minimum price may dip to $1.92 amidst bearish market trends.

Beam Price Prediction 2040

By 2040, if meme tokens like BEAM endure, they could script a new chapter in cryptocurrency history. Our analysis suggests an average BEAM token price of around $6.04, with the potential for a new ATH level. We project a maximum price of $6.93, although in a bullish market scenario, BEAM Coin’s value may exceed our forecast. Conversely, a bearish market could see the minimum price stabilize at approximately $5.56.

Beam Price Prediction 2050

Long-term holders may find BEAM Coin an attractive investment, with the average price projected to be around $15.46 by 2050. Together with BEAM Coin, numerous cryptocurrencies may reach new ATH levels. The maximum price forecast for BEAM Coin is approximately $16.61, while the minimum price may settle around $13.25 in the event of market downturns. Increased investor interest could propel BEAM Coin prices even higher than our forecast during this period.

BEAM Overview

Currency nameHAZ
Total supply62,955,102,600 HAZ
Based onJuegos, DAO (likely refers to a gaming ecosystem and Decentralized Autonomous Organization)
Launched in2021
Highest point$0.03648 (February 2024)
Exchanges– Binance  – Uniswap v2  – Bybit – HTX  –
Wallets– MetaMask – Billetera de Confianza (Spanish for “trusted wallet”)

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