NIO stock price prediction 2024, 2025, 2030

NIO stock Price Prediction levels for 2024, 2025, 2030. In this post, we will discuss the history and current news of NIO, as well as our main focus on Nio price predictions and targets in the coming years. I hope you enjoy it; if you do, please give us 5 stars in the top right corner, and please share this article with your friends and family members who own or are considering purchasing NIO stock.

What is NIO stock? is a leading multinational smart electric vehicle manufacturing company based in China that was founded in 2014. NIO’s strongest point is its battery swapping technology, which helps as an alternative to conventional car battery charging stations. NIO’s first electric hypercar, the EP9, was published on the same day the company entered the market.’s head office are in Shanghai, and the company currently employs over 7000 people. Moreover, NIO has issued various car variants, such as the ES8 (seven-seater electric SUV), ES6 (five-seater electric SUV), EC6 (five-seater electric coupe SUV), ET7 (electric sedan), and ET5 (most compact sedan).

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NIO stock price prediction

YearMinimum PriceMaximum price
NIO stock price prediction 2023 | Can nio stock reach $1000
NIO stock price prediction 2023 | NIO stock price prediction

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NIO stock price prediction 2022

YearMin PriceMax Price
Nio stock forecast 2022

NIO stock price prediction 2023

Well, not many stock analysts have predicted Nio’s stock price target for 2023, but based on our technical analysis and past performance of NIO, we think Nio’s price can easily reach a minimum of $32.45 and cross our maximum range of $37.15 during 2023. NIO will make a profit by selling cars in 2023, which will be a defining moment for the company.

YearMin PriceMax Price
Nio stock forecast 2023

NIO stock price prediction 2024

As per our prediction, NIO will start making a profit in 2023, trying to put the NIO price in the scope of $43.80 to $50.15 in 2024. Investors are also very bullish on NIO due to its incredible technology. So, once investor interest kicks in, the NIO price will rise to our expected.

YearMin PriceMax Price
Nio stock forecast 2024

NIO stock price prediction 2025

By 2025, the NIO stock price is expected to range between $53.00 and $60.75. Some analysts predict that NIO Inc’s revenue will increase 400% between 2022 and 2025, from nearly $5 billion to more than $22 billion, boosting NIO’s market position.

YearMin PriceMax Price
Nio stock forecast 2025

NIO stock price prediction 2026

The Nio stock price prediction for 2026 is that it will stay between $76.90 and $87.99. Any unforeseen market trends may cause ups and downs, but we believe the price will remain within our price forecasts.

YearMin PriceMax Price
Nio stock forecast 2026

NIO stock price prediction 2027

Overall, the NIO stock price prediction for 2027 is $99.95 on the low end and $114.40 on the high end. Please double-check before investing in NIO stock because these price targets are predicated on our technical analysis.

YearMin PriceMax Price
Nio stock forecast 2027

NIO stock price prediction 2028

According to some popular price prediction websites, the NIO stock price range for 2028 is $124 to 142. Because so many people are bullish on this stock, this price target may be reliable.

YearMin PriceMax Price
Nio stock forecast 2028

NIO stock price prediction 2029

It is difficult to forecast price targets for new companies like NIO, but we have done our best for you, and our audience is more involved in electric vehicles. As a result, the minimum price forecast for NIO stock in 2029 is $157.50.

YearMin PriceMax Price
Nio stock forecast 2029

NIO stock price prediction 2030

As the demand for EVs expands, so will production and sales, resulting in more profits for manufacturers. Apart from the reality that NIO’s battery swapping technology makes them an unique concept in the EV segment, we believe the NIO price prediction for 2030 is $230.55 on the high end and $201.35 on the low end.

YearMin PriceMax Price
Nio stock forecast 2030

Hong Kong stock NIO

Nio Inc. is a Chinese car company that is based in Shanghai, China. ADRs listed on the NYSE.

On the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, NIO is listed as 9866-HK. It is the same company and stock, but it is traded on different stock markets. The same price targets apply if you convert the NIO Hong Kong stock price to USD or AUD. An interesting fact is that NIO will start making revenue in 2023, which will boost its stock price according to our price prediction.

NIO, Inc. mainly models, manufacturing companies, and sells electric vehicles (EVs). NIO’s first vehicle was the EP9 electric hypercar, which was introduced on the same day the company was founded. In December 2017, NIO revealed the ES8, a seven-seater electric SUV, and began deliveries in June 2018. NIO introduced the ES6, a five-seater electric SUV, in December 2018, with deliveries beginning in June 2019. NIO launched the EC6, a five-seater electric coupe SUV, in December 2019, with deliveries beginning in September 2020. ET7, NIO’s electric sedan, was launched in January 2021, and ET5, its most compact sedan, was revealed at NIO Day in December 2021. NIO, Inc. is also expected to launch ES7 in 2022.

Is NIO a good stock to buy

Yes, as per our analysis, NIO is a good stock to buy for a number of reasons, including:

  • NIO is a founder in the electric vehicle industry and thus qualifies for early bird price reductions.
  • Instead of using charging stations,
  • NIO obtained the unique technology of battery swapping.
  • NIO car prices are less competitive when compared to other E-car makers.
  • NIO offers a wide range of vehicles in various segments such as Sedan, Hatchback, Sports, and SUV.

Can Nio stock reach $1000

Long term, NIO stock can easily reach $1000; according to our price prediction and analysis, the Nio stock price will be around or above $1000 by 2040. For example, if you buy 10 NIO stocks now at around $20 per share, it will cost you only $200, but these ten stocks could be worth $10,000 in 2040. This is a massive return on investment over a 2 decade period.

What is the stock price forecast for NIO in 2025?

The stock price of NIO is expected to be between $53 and $60.75 in 2025. The NIO price may cross $201 and hover around $230 by 2030.

When will NIO stock reach $500?

As per our price forecast for NIO, the stock could reach $500 by 2035 or 2036.

Should I buy shares in NIO?

Yes, it is a good stock to buy and hold for the long term because NIO has unique technology, they will start making a profit in 2023, which is a clear sign of the company’s development, which leads to an increase in demand for NIO cars.

Will NIO stock go up?

Yes, the price of NIO stock will rise in the long run, but we think it will stay constant in the short term. We think the cost of NIO stock will start rising in 2023.

What will the value of NIO stock be in 10 years?

So, 10 years from now, we expect the NIO stock price to be around $350 in 2032.

What will the value of NIO stock be in 5 years?

So, 5 years from now, in 2027, we expect the NIO stock price to stay between $99 and $115.

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