NALCO Stock Price Target 2024, 2025 2030, 2040, 2050

This article will share NALCO Stock Price Target from 2025 to 2050. Know the target price of NALCO stock along with the financials and fundamentals of the company.

Knowing the company you are investing in is crucial for any investor who wants to feel safe holding the stock for a long time. To make things clear to you, along with the company’s fundamentals, we have mentioned NALCO stock price targets for 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2030 in this post.

NALCO Stock Price Target
NALCO Stock Price Target

About NALCO (National Aluminum Company Limited)

National Aluminum Company Limited, or NALCO, was founded in 1981. The company’s headquarters are located in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. One of the largest integrated bauxite, alumina and aluminum power complexes in the country is NALCO. /

The Government of India currently holds 51.28% of the paid-up share capital. The company operates a 68.25 lakh TPA bauxite mine, a 21.00 lakh TPA (regulatory capacity) alumina refinery at Damanjodi, Koraput district, Odisha, and a 4.60 lakh TPA aluminum smelter and a 1200 MW captive power plant at Angul, also in that state.

NALCO has installed 800 kWp rooftop solar power plants at its facilities and 198 MW wind power plants at various locations across India as part of its green drive to work towards carbon neutrality.

NALCO Company Overview

Company NameNational Aluminum Company Limited
Share price/shareRs. 155.95 (as of March 1, 2024)
Revenue14,490 crore (2023)
HeadquartersBhubaneswar, Odisha, India
Market cover27,935 crore
Dividend yield2.96%
52 weeks high/low169.30/75.70

NALCO Stock Price Target Chart 2025-2050

Target yearMinimal priceMaximum price

NALCO stock price target 2024

With a market capitalization of Rs 29,935 crore, NALCO demonstrates stability. Its 52-week high and low stand at Rs 169.30 and Rs 75.70, respectively. As a government-owned entity, it yields high dividends, backed by robust financials. Observing sales data closely, investors set the target price for 2024 between $250 and $350.

NALCO Stock Price Target 2025

Managed by India’s Ministry of Mines, NALCO operates in mining, metallurgy, and energy production. As the lowest-cost alumina and bauxite producer in India, it maintains a strong foothold in integrated energy activities. Forecasting for 2025, the target price ranges from $320 to $470.

NALCO Stock Price Target 2026

Regarded as the world’s lowest-cost producer of metallurgical-grade bauxite and alumina, NALCO sustains a steady earnings growth despite fluctuations in aluminum prices. Its EPS has risen by 19.44% over three years. For 2026, investors project prices to vary between $450 and $650.

NALCO Stock Price Target 2027

With aluminum being pivotal in various sectors like electrical, electronics, transportation, and defense, NALCO holds significant potential. Its existing infrastructure, including an aluminum smelter and alumina refinery, positions it for future capacity expansion. For 2027, the target price spans from $600 to $850.

NALCO Stock Price Target 2030

As the demand for aluminum escalates across industries, NALCO stands to benefit, impacting its share prices positively. However, fixed production costs pose revenue risks, demanding careful consideration from risk-averse investors. For 2030, the target price is estimated between $1,250 and ₹1,700.

NALCO Stock Price Target 2040

In 2040, NALCO’s share price target is expected to be resilient, reflecting its enduring market presence and strategic positioning. With a forward-looking approach, the company aims to maintain its status as a key player in the aluminum industry. Investors anticipate the price to range from ₹7,000 to ₹8,000, reflecting long-term growth prospects.

NALCO Stock Price Target 2050

Looking ahead to 2050, NALCO is poised to capitalize on the evolving landscape of industrial demand for aluminum. As industries continue to rely on aluminum for various applications, NALCO’s strategic initiatives and operational efficiency are projected to drive its share price upward. Investors anticipate a target price range of ₹15,000 to ₹16,000, indicative of sustained growth and market resilience over the long term.

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