Bajaj Hindustan Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030

Bajaj Hindustan Share Price Target : Delving into the operations of Bajaj Hindustan, also recognized as Bajaj Hindusthan Sugar Limited, this article aims to provide insights into its revenue generation, growth opportunities, and pertinent details to enhance comprehension of the trajectory in Bajaj Hindustan share prices.

Bajaj Hindusthan Sugar Limited, an Indian firm specializing in sugar and ethanol production, is listed on both the NSE and BSE in India. Its stock has exhibited a robust market presence and is poised for potential growth in the forthcoming months.

With promising growth prospects, Bajaj Hindusthan presents an attractive long-term investment avenue. This piece will delve into the Bajaj Hindustan Share Price Targets for 2024, 2025, 2026, and 2030.

Prior to delving into Bajaj Hindustan stock price projections, it’s imperative to review the company’s background, technical fundamentals, fundamental analysis, shareholder landscape, and future prospects.

Understanding these aspects will aid in making informed investment decisions. Let’s commence by examining the company’s history and its comprehensive business framework.

Bajaj Hindustan Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030

About Bajaj Hindustan

Bajaj Hindustan Sugar Ltd. (BHSL) stands as a prominent figure in India’s sugar and ethanol manufacturing sector. A pivotal entity within the Bajaj Group, BHSL calls Mumbai, Maharashtra its home base. Operating a network of 14 sugar plants, all strategically positioned in Uttar Pradesh (UP), BHSL maintains a stronghold in northern India.

Here’s a concise overview of Bajaj Hindustan:

  • Products: Sugar, industrial alcohol, ethanol, bio-compost/bio-manure, and power
  • Production Capacities:
    • Sugarcane crushing capacity: 136,000 tonnes crushed per day (TCD)
    • Ethanol production capacity: 800 kilo liters per day (KLPD)
    • Power generation capacity: 449 MW
  • Market Position:
    • Ranked as Asia’s premier and the world’s fourth-largest integrated sugar enterprise
    • Among India’s top contributors to eco-friendly ethanol production

Bajaj Hindustan emerges as a key player in India’s sugar landscape, showcasing prowess not only in sugar but also in the production of ethanol, a biofuel gaining momentum in importance.

Bajaj Hindustan Share Price

As of Thursday, April 18, 2024, at 3:56 PM IST, Bajaj Hindustan Sugar Ltd. (BAJAJHIND) is currently trading at ₹30.80 INR. This represents a marginal decrease of -0.32% from the opening price.

Here are some additional details for your reference:

  • Market Cap: ₹3,928.78 Crore (as of April 17, 2024)
  • 52 Week High: ₹40.50 INR
  • 52 Week Low: ₹13.15 INR

Bajaj Hindustan Share Price Target

Here’s a breakdown of the year-wise predictions:

Bajaj Hindustan Share Price Target 2024:

With a minimum target of Rs.30 and a maximum of Rs.44, 2024 seems poised for steady growth in Bajaj Hindustan’s stock. Factors such as favorable market conditions and operational efficiency could contribute to achieving these targets. Investors may see opportunities for short to medium-term gains as the company navigates market dynamics.

Bajaj Hindustan Share Price Target 2025:

In 2025, the minimum target of Rs.45 and maximum of Rs.52 indicate a continued upward trajectory for Bajaj Hindustan. Potential expansions, innovations in production, and demand for its products could be catalysts for growth. Investors might find confidence in the company’s consistent performance and future prospects, making it an attractive investment option.

Bajaj Hindustan Share Price Target 2026:

With targets ranging from Rs.55 to Rs.62, 2026 holds promise for Bajaj Hindustan. Strengthening its position in the market, the company may capitalize on emerging opportunities and address challenges effectively. Strategic initiatives and operational excellence could drive stock performance, fostering investor optimism and confidence.

Bajaj Hindustan Share Price Target 2027:

2027 presents a target range of Rs.64 to Rs.67, indicating continued stability and growth for Bajaj Hindustan. As the company solidifies its market presence, increased efficiency, and product diversification may contribute to achieving these targets. Investors could view Bajaj Hindustan as a reliable choice for steady returns and long-term growth potential.

Bajaj Hindustan Share Price Target 2028:

With targets ranging from Rs.67 to Rs.71, 2028 reflects Bajaj Hindustan’s sustained growth momentum. Strategic investments and operational enhancements could bolster the company’s performance, attracting investor interest. Market dynamics and industry trends may further support Bajaj Hindustan’s upward trajectory, positioning it as a favorable investment option.

Bajaj Hindustan Share Price Target 2029:

2029 forecasts targets from Rs.72 to Rs.88, signaling significant growth opportunities for Bajaj Hindustan. Expansion into new markets, technological advancements, and strong financial performance could drive stock appreciation. Investors may see Bajaj Hindustan as a lucrative investment, considering its potential for continued growth and profitability.

Bajaj Hindustan Share Price Target 2030:

As the furthest point in the prediction timeline, 2030 anticipates targets ranging from Rs.111 to Rs.127. By this time, Bajaj Hindustan may have solidified its position as a market leader, leveraging innovation and strategic partnerships for sustained growth. Favorable market conditions and robust demand for its products could propel the company towards achieving these targets, attracting investor attention and confidence.

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