RattanIndia Enterprises Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030

RattanIndia Enterprises Share Price Target : Today, we’ll delve into the operations of RattanIndia Enterprises, exploring its profit generation mechanisms, potential areas for growth, and various insights crucial for understanding the trajectory of RattanIndia Enterprises shares in the market.

Following a thorough analysis of the company’s stock, we’ll present our findings to provide you with valuable insights into its performance.

RattanIndia Enterprises exhibits promising growth prospects, making it an attractive long-term investment opportunity. In this article, we’ll outline RattanIndia Enterprises Share Price Targets spanning from 2023 to 2030, shedding light on potential market trends and investment opportunities.

Before delving into RattanIndia Enterprises’ stock price projections, let’s first examine its corporate background, delve into technical fundamentals, conduct a comprehensive fundamental analysis, explore shareholder insights, and assess future growth potential.

This comprehensive overview will equip you with the necessary information to make informed investment decisions. So, let’s begin by understanding the company’s historical trajectory and its underlying business structure.

RattanIndia Enterprises Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030

About RattanIndia Enterprises

RattanIndia Enterprises Limited serves as the flagship entity within the dynamic Rattanindia Group, focusing on pioneering ventures across various industries in India. Let’s delve into its core elements:

Business Focus:

RattanIndia Enterprises has strategically pivoted from traditional sectors like infrastructure and power to embrace innovative, high-growth industries. The company currently thrives in tech-driven domains such as: E-commerce Electric vehicles Fintech (financial technology) (potential future expansion) Drones (potential future exploration)


Operational subsidiaries include: Cocoblu Retail Ltd.: An e-commerce enabler empowering brands to establish and flourish in online marketplaces. Revolt Motors: A frontrunner in crafting electric motorcycles, targeting India’s vibrant youth demographic.

Recent Developments (as of April 14, 2024):

RattanIndia Enterprises actively pursues avenues for augmenting its portfolio within burgeoning technology sectors, contemplating forays into fintech and drone technology. Leveraging its expertise and network, the company aspires to emerge as a trailblazer in these nascent markets.

Financial Performance:

While comprehensive financial data on RattanIndia Enterprises might be limited, investors can explore the investor relations segment on their website or financial news platforms for insights into their fiscal performance and future prospects.


Focus on High-Growth Sectors: Positioned to capitalize on the swift expansion of e-commerce, electric vehicles, and other cutting-edge technologies across India. Experienced Management: Bolstered by a seasoned leadership cadre with diverse sectoral expertise, potentially enriching their forays into new ventures. Brand Recognition: Draws upon established brand equity from past endeavors, facilitating traction for new business initiatives.


Competition: Intensifying rivalry characterizes the Indian e-commerce, electric vehicle, and prospective sectors like fintech and drone technology. Execution Risk: Effective market penetration demands meticulous execution strategies to establish a robust foothold. Financial Sustainability: Navigating a transition to novel sectors underscores the importance of financial resilience and securing capital for growth endeavors.

RattanIndia Enterprises Company Overview

RattanIndia Enterprises: Pioneering Growth in New Frontiers

RattanIndia Enterprises Limited, formerly known as Indiabulls Infrastructure and Power Limited, has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis. Let’s delve into a holistic depiction of its current strategic direction and business ventures:

Strategic Pivot:

Previously entrenched in the infrastructure and power domains, RattanIndia Enterprises has undertaken a profound reorientation of its business compass. Presently, the company channels its energies towards the burgeoning landscape of high-growth technologies in contemporary Indian business.

Key Business Focus (as of April 14, 2024):

E-commerce: Operating under its subsidiary, Cocoblu Retail Ltd., RattanIndia Enterprises facilitates brand establishment and expansion in the online realm. Electric Vehicles: Spearheaded by its subsidiary, Revolt Motors, the company manufactures electric motorcycles catering to the youthful Indian populace.

Exploring Future Horizons:

RattanIndia Enterprises is actively surveying potential avenues in: Fintech (Financial Technology): Harnessing technological innovations to offer pioneering financial solutions. Drones: Recognizing the burgeoning potential of this sector in India, the company eyes opportunities for strategic entry.


Poised for Growth: RattanIndia Enterprises stands poised to capitalize on the meteoric ascent of e-commerce, electric vehicles, and other cutting-edge technologies in the Indian milieu. Seasoned Leadership: Bolstered by a leadership cadre with multifaceted sectoral expertise, the company stands to glean valuable insights for its ventures.


Fierce Competition: The domains of Indian e-commerce, electric vehicles, and potential future sectors like fintech and drones are witnessing escalating competitive dynamics. Execution Strategy: Effectively carving out a niche in these nascent markets mandates meticulous planning and execution. Financial Sustainability: Amidst transitioning to novel sectors, ensuring financial robustness and procuring funding for expansion initiatives loom as critical imperatives.

Financial Insights:

Given the recent strategic realignment, comprehensive financial data on RattanIndia Enterprises might be scarce. Prospective investors are advised to peruse the investor relations segment on the company’s website (if available) or consult reputable financial news platforms for nuanced insights into its fiscal performance and future trajectory.

Looking Ahead:

RattanIndia Enterprises emerges as a compelling testament to corporate evolution. Anchored in its strategic foray into high-growth, futuristic sectors, the company positions itself as a prospective frontrunner in India’s ever-evolving business landscape.

RattanIndia Enterprises Share Price Target 2024

RattanIndia Enterprises is pioneering the charge into rapidly evolving new-age businesses, poised to expand its market presence significantly.

The company’s strategic focus is swiftly shifting towards these burgeoning sectors, underlining the pivotal role of management in the upcoming years, with numerous investment plans in the pipeline.

RattanIndia Enterprises Share Price Prediction for 2024: 2024 1st Target – $122 2nd Target – $169

RattanIndia Enterprises Share Price Target 2025

With the Indian economy poised to reach the five trillion-dollar mark by 2025, substantial growth opportunities are anticipated in the Indian stock market.

As RattanIndia Enterprises continues its progressive business model across various sectors, significant financial investments are imperative, potentially impacting the company’s financial health in the short term.

However, diligent efforts towards increased investments in newer ventures are expected to optimize business operations, culminating in significant sales and revenue growth in the foreseeable future.

RattanIndia Enterprises Share Price Prediction for 2025: 2025 1st Target – $170 2nd Target – $220

RattanIndia Enterprises Share Price Target 2026

As RattanIndia Enterprises embraces its futuristic business model, robust research and development efforts are paramount for innovating and developing cutting-edge products.

With plans to establish dedicated R&D centers within its EV and Drone business segments, the company aims to bolster its technological prowess and stay ahead of the curve.

This strategic focus on R&D is expected to drive substantial growth in RattanIndia Enterprises’ share price trajectory until 2026.

RattanIndia Enterprises Share Price Prediction for 2026: 2026 1st Target – $225 2nd Target – $295

RattanIndia Enterprises Share Price Target 2027

RattanIndia Enterprises is intensifying its focus on the Drone and EV segments, leveraging advanced drone technology to meet growing demand.

With drones capable of carrying up to 2 kg of weight over 20 kilometers, the company stands to benefit significantly, driving its growth trajectory.

RattanIndia Enterprises Share Price Prediction for 2027: 2027 1st Target – $301 2nd Target – $375

RattanIndia Enterprises Share Price Target 2028

As RattanIndia Enterprises enhances the capacity of its drone systems, future prospects for the company and its stock price appear promising.

RattanIndia Enterprises Share Price Prediction for 2028: 2028 1st Target – $405 2nd Target – $430

RattanIndia Enterprises Share Price Target 2030

With a steadfast focus on new and innovative business ventures, RattanIndia Enterprises is actively supporting businesses across various sectors under the PLI scheme.

This strategic move, coupled with government support, positions RattanIndia Enterprises for significant business expansion, offering promising prospects for its share price target by 2030.

RattanIndia Enterprises Share Price Prediction for 2030: 2030 1st Target – $560 2nd Target – $606

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