Spaceship Super | Performance, Fees

Spaceship Super, founded in 2017, aims to engage the youth with an approachable and simple-to-manage solution. ‘Spaceship is a simple way to manage your future, all from your phone or laptop, with one account designed with technology to help you negotiate your Super,’ says the company. This is Super is also more heavily weighted toward technology companies than most super funds popular with younger investors.

Super Spaceship Investment Options

The Spaceship offers two types of investments:  Spaceship GrowthX’ and Global Index.

Superb Spaceship Performance

In compare to Chant West’s median performance, Spaceship Super‘s GrowthX investment option is expected to return a median over one year. When people compare to Chant West’s median performance, the Spaceship Super’s Global Index investment option has surpassed for more than a year. There is no available information for Spaceship Super Performance 4 and 6 years.

Spaceship Super | Performance & Fees
Spaceship Super | Performance & Fees

Spaceship Super Fees

The total of funds with a similar risk profile that are listed on Review My Super. There is no industry standard against which to compare fees.

Spaceship Super Insurance

It offers no insurance. You can shop around and have the premiums paid for by your super. Compare insurance providers here.

Financial Advice for Spaceships

Spaceship does not provide in-house investment advice. Please fill out the ‘Speak To An Advisor’ form on this page to speak with an advisor about your Spaceship Super account and all available funds and insurers in the market.

Fees and performance of a spaceship

When you join Spaceship, you will be automatically invested in the GrowthX option; even so, you can change investment options at any time.

Spaceship Super Review

The data in the table is based on data provided by Chant West Pty Ltd (AFSL 255320), which was collected from third parties. While such details are convinced to be right, Chant West accepts no responsibility for any errors in such details. The Financial Services Guide by Chant West is available as a financial services guide. Finder makes no guarantees or warranties about the data and advises that manage inventory their own study before relying on this Spaceship.

The performance, fees, and insurance data for each fund are based on the revert MySuper product. Where the performance, fees, and insurance data for the My Superfund vary based on the member’s age on the report, results for people aged 40 to 49 have been shown.

  • Features of Spaceship Super?

Members of Spaceship Supper have access to the following features and benefits:

  • Spaceship Super’s characteristics?

Members of Spaceship Supper have access to the following features and benefits:

There are two investment choices. Spaceship Supper offers 2 separate investment options, both of which place a heavy focus on shares.

A content on technology. The tagline of Spaceship is “put where the world is going, not where it has been.” Spaceship Pds reflects the fund’s preference for investing in technology stocks over other types of property.

Long-term investment plan. Due to their heavy investment in shares, Spaceship’s investment options, GrowthX and Global Index, are both high chances. They are intended to meet the needs of members with a ten-year or older investment period.

Rollover and online app You can easily roll over your existing super balance into your new account after registration for an account online.

Designed for people aged 20 to 40. While you can join Spaceship Super Reddit at any age, Spaceship is favoured by Australians aged between 18 to 40, and all investment decisions are adapted to the savings plan of people in this age range.

App-based fund. offers a modern app where you can keep track of your super, make donations, and track performance.

More information on Spaceship Super investment options

Spaceship provides two investment options to help you reach your retirement financial goals. For a total breakdown of the quality of Spaceship’s GrowthX and Global Index investment options, see the tables below.

Investment option

  • GlobalX

This option may refer to investors who are willing to accept a higher level of risk in exchange for higher long-term returns, with some volatility in the short term. This investment option mainly focuses on stocks, especially technology companies in Australia and all over the world.

Risk level : High risk (level 6)

Asset allocation :
Growth: 83%
Defensive: 7%

  • Global Index

This option may also be going to appeal to investors who are willing to accept a higher level of risk, are more open to international stocks, and want to invest in an index. In relation to the GrowthX option, this investment option invests more laboriously in international shares, with at around 80% of its balance invested in global shares. It is an index investment option, which means it is passively done and has lower fees.

Risk level : High risk (level 6)

Asset allocation :
Growth: 83%
Defensive: 7%

  • What type of insurance is included in Spaceship Super?

Spaceship does not provide insurance to its members. Before deciding whether or not to invest your super in a fund that does not provide insurance, check that you understand the risks. Moreover, keep in mind the insurance benefits you will lose if you roll over super from another fund into your Spaceship account.

Spaceship Super’s advantages and disadvantages

  • Advantages

Make available high-growth investment options with high-performance returns.

Annual fees are lesser than those on the market.

A simple investment strategy that is easy to understand and is managed on your behalf.

  • Disadvantages

There are only two investment options can choose.

The spaceship is not a My Super-approved super item.

There is no insurance.

How do I apply Spaceship?

If you’ve compared your options and want to apply for a Spaceship superannuation account, click the green ‘Go to Site’ button on this page. You’ll be ordered to the Spaceship website, where you can enter the PDS and apply online.

You will need to provide:

Information about you. You have to provide your name, address, date of birth, and contact details.

Tax File Number (TFN). Even though supplying your TFN is not needed, doing so ensures that your contributions and benefits are taxed at the lowest possible rate.

Previous fund data. If you’re transferring from another super fund, you’ll need to provide details about your current fund.

You must submit an authority to facilitate payment into your new Spaceship account in relation to your completed application form.

You will receive a Welcome Pack confirming Spaceship’s invoice of your application as well as your rights as a Spaceship member. You can then start making donations and growing your super balance to fund your retirement.

DISCLAIMER: The data presented in this article is broad in nature. Before deciding on a superannuation product, you should take into account your situation. Superannuation is a long-term investment, and past performance does not make predictions results.

FAQ Spaceship Super

  • Is a Spaceship Comfortable?

Since the fund’s beginnings, the Growth option has outperformed the median growth option by a large margin. However, Spaceship does not provide a balanced or conservative option, nor does it provide insurance.

Fees for growth options are about average.

A Spaceship is a good option for people with a growth risk profile, specially those searching for exposure to technology companies. If you do not match into this category, you should think about other options.

  • Spaceship is it a Self-Managed Super Fund?

No, Spaceship Super is not a smart super fund. It is effected by the APRA.

  • Is Spaceship Super a financial instrument?

Spaceship Super is not a financial product.

  • Is it able for anyone to join Spaceship Super?

Yes, anyone is welcome to join Spaceship Super.

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