Union Bank Share Price Target for 2024, 2025, 2030

Union Bank Share Price Target : Today, we embark on a comprehensive review of Union Bank, delving into its operations, fundamentals, potential growth avenues, and various aspects to provide you with a deeper understanding.

Within this article, we’ll conduct an in-depth analysis of the target price of Union Bank of India shares. With its promising growth potential, Union Bank emerges as an exceptional long-term investment opportunity, and we aim to shed light on its prospects.

About Union Bank of India Ltd

Union Bank of India (UBI) stands as a prominent public sector bank in India, boasting a storied history and a formidable presence nationwide. Below is a comprehensive overview of UBI:

History and Background:

  • Established in 1919 by Seth Sitaram Poddar.
  • Headquarters located in Mumbai, India.
  • Witnessed India’s independence and actively contributed to the nation’s economic development.
  • Nationalized by the Indian government in 1969.
  • Merged with Andhra Bank and Corporation Bank in 2020, solidifying its stature as one of India’s largest banks.

Current Status:

  • Extensive network comprising over 8,450 domestic branches and 9,800+ ATMs.
  • Workforce exceeding 76,300 employees spread across India.
  • Offers a diverse array of banking products and services catering to individuals, businesses, and government entities.
  • Listed on the Indian stock exchanges, with the Government of India holding a majority stake.

Key Services:

  • Savings and current accounts.
  • Demat accounts and investment services.
  • Loans tailored for various needs such as housing, education, and business.
  • Online banking and mobile banking facilities.
  • Wealth management services catering to high-net-worth individuals.
  • Provision of government schemes and social security programs.

Union Bank of India Ltd, a prominent banking entity headquartered in India, is dedicated to providing a wide array of services including wealth management, commercial banking, government business, mutual funds, and agency commercial insurance.

The company’s operations are segmented into four main categories:

  1. Treasury Operations Segment:
    • This segment deals with managing the bank’s funds and investments. It includes services such as term and recurring deposits, which are types of savings accounts with fixed terms or regular contributions, respectively. Savings and current accounts are also part of this segment, offering customers basic banking services. Additionally, online business services and demat accounts, which are used for holding securities electronically, fall under this segment.
  2. Retail Banking Operations Segment:
    • Here, Union Bank of India caters to individual customers, offering various financial products and services. This includes providing mutual funds, which are investment vehicles that pool money from multiple investors to invest in securities like stocks and bonds. The segment also encompasses different types of insurance products, such as life, health, non-life, and general insurance, to meet the diverse needs of retail customers.
  3. Corporate and Wholesale Banking Segment:
    • This segment focuses on serving corporate clients and large businesses. It provides financial solutions tailored to their specific needs, including trade finance lines of credit for facilitating international trade transactions. Channel finance services help businesses manage their supply chain financing, while working capital financing ensures they have the necessary funds for day-to-day operations. Project finance assists in funding large-scale infrastructure projects.
  4. Other Banking Operations Segment:
    • This segment includes specialized services offered by Union Bank of India. It caters to non-resident Indians (NRIs), providing banking services tailored to their unique requirements. Additionally, the segment encompasses a range of remittance services, facilitating the transfer of funds domestically and internationally. Treasury services, which involve managing and trading financial assets, are also part of this segment.

Overall, Union Bank of India Ltd’s operations cover a wide spectrum of banking services, catering to both individual and corporate clients, and encompassing various financial products and solutions to meet their diverse needs.

Fundamentals of Union Bank of India Ltd

Market cover115,496 rupees.
Actual Price$151.60
52 weeks high$161.90
52 weeks low$60.35
Stock price8.01
Value in books$115
Nominal value$10.0
P/V Value1.31
DebtRs 11,63,059.
Debt to equity14.8

Union Bank of India Stock Price Prediction 2024 to 2050

Union Bank Share Price Target 2024 Prediction:

In 2024, Union Bank of India’s share price targets indicate a potential growth trajectory. Starting the year with a modest aim of 145 INR in March, it escalates to 200 rupees by November. With the potential to reach $208 by December, the year shows promise for investors.

Union Bank Share Price Target 2025 Prediction:

The outlook for 2025 suggests a steady climb for Union Bank of India’s shares. From a starting point of 210 rupees in January, the target prices rise consistently, aiming for 285 INR by December. The forecast indicates a favorable trend for investors, with the potential for growth continuing into the following year.

Union Bank Share Price Target 2026 Prediction:

In 2026, Union Bank of India’s shares are anticipated to maintain their upward trajectory. With targets set at 342 INR by December, investors may see significant returns. The projections reflect optimism in the bank’s performance and the broader market conditions.

Union Bank Share Price Target 2027 Prediction:

The forecast for 2027 presents a bullish outlook for Union Bank of India’s shares. From 345 INR in January, the targets climb steadily, aiming for 360 INR by April and reaching 360 INR again by December. This suggests sustained growth potential throughout the year.

Union Bank Share Price Target 2028 Prediction:

In 2028, Union Bank of India’s shares are expected to continue their upward trend. With targets set at 405 INR by December, investors may find ample opportunities for growth. The projections indicate confidence in the bank’s performance and market conditions.

Union Bank Share Price Target 2029 Prediction:

The year 2029 holds promise for Union Bank of India’s shares, with targets steadily rising to 450 INR by December. This upward trajectory suggests sustained growth potential and may attract investors seeking long-term opportunities.

Union Bank Share Price Target 2030 Prediction:

In 2030, Union Bank of India’s shares are anticipated to reach new heights, with targets set at 500 rupees by December. This optimistic outlook reflects confidence in the bank’s performance and market conditions, offering potential opportunities for investors.

Union Bank Share Price Target 2035 Prediction:

By 2035, Union Bank of India’s shares are expected to maintain their growth momentum, with targets set at 700 INR. This forecast suggests continued optimism in the bank’s performance and long-term potential.

Union Bank Share Price Target 2040 Prediction:

In 2040, Union Bank of India’s shares are projected to reach significant milestones, with targets set at 900 INR. This reflects sustained growth potential and may attract investors seeking stable long-term investments.

Union Bank Share Price Target 2050 Prediction:

By 2050, Union Bank of India’s shares are anticipated to achieve substantial growth, with targets set at 1300 rupees. This long-term outlook suggests confidence in the bank’s performance and market conditions, offering potential opportunities for investors.

Financial Performance of Last Five Years

Union Bank Share Price Target 2019: In 2019, Union Bank of India reported sales of $34,314, marking the beginning of the five-year period under review. This figure indicates the bank’s sales performance during that fiscal year, serving as a baseline for subsequent years.

Union Bank Share Price Target 2020: The year 2020 saw Union Bank of India’s sales increase to $37,479, reflecting a modest growth trajectory compared to the previous year. Despite challenges posed by various economic factors, the bank managed to maintain a positive sales trend.

Union Bank Share Price Target 2021: Union Bank of India experienced significant growth in sales during 2021, with figures soaring to $69,311. This substantial increase suggests successful strategic initiatives and effective market positioning, contributing to the bank’s overall financial performance.

Union Bank Share Price Target 2022: In 2022, Union Bank of India maintained robust sales figures, totaling $68,230. Although slightly lower than the previous year, this result indicates continued stability and resilience within the bank’s operations amid changing market dynamics.

Union Bank Share Price Target 2023: The year 2023 marked a notable milestone for Union Bank of India, with sales reaching $96,029. This substantial growth reflects the bank’s ability to adapt to market conditions, implement effective strategies, and capitalize on emerging opportunities, positioning it for further success in the future.

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