MetaSoccer, The First Metaverse Where You Can Play Soccer

You’ve played soccer with friends, with the team, with family, and on your own so far, but only in the physical world. Soccer is a popular sport that everyone wants to play, but how can we make it even more fun?

Everything is starting to shift to MetaVerse, Blockchain, and Crypto. You can build your dream house in the metaverse, create Avatars that look like you, shop in the metaverse, buy land, and even have weddings in the metaverse, but how far can we go?

MetaSoccer is the answer. Meta Soccer is a Play To Earn Soccer Metaverse based on blockchain technology. It has digital land to buy just like popular Metaverse projects like Decentral, Sandbox, and NextEarth, but something different makes it more enjoyable. MetaSoccer’s concept is to connect real-world soccer to the Metaverse.

MetaSoccer, The First Metaverse Where You Can Play Soccer
MetaSoccer, The First Metaverse Where You Can Play Soccer

What Is MetaSoccer?

MetaSoccer, a play-to-earn game developed by Champion Games and based in Barcelona, with over 1 million active users, ushers in a new era of soccer in which players can compete virtually in the metaverse. The game is built on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) blockchain and is based on the Play To Earn model, which is similar to popular metaverse games such as Axie Infinity, Gala, Genopets, and others.

MetaSoccer is a platform that combines the Metaverse, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, NFTs, and Video Games. Users can purchase NFTs of other players or create their own Avatars in the game. They can participate in matches, place bets on other players or teams, and sell or rent their players for a profit. All players are paid in $MSU, their native token.

MetaSoccer allows its users to play soccer in Metaverse without the need for any physical soccer equipment. Users can play when and where they want. They can select their preferred role in the game, such as goalkeeper, striker, defender, and so on.

How Will Users Benefit From MetaSoccer?

Users are the face of any project. They have the power to decide the project’s future. A project is nothing more than a bad shape without users. MetaSoccer places users at the heart of the ecosystem.

Users will benefit in the following ways:

  • Earnings: By playing the game, users can earn a lot of money.
  • The game is open source, which means that anyone can see the project’s building blocks.
  • Ownership of Assets: Users can become owners of players, game assets, NFTs, and so on.
  • Exchangeable: All of the game’s assets can be easily decided to trade for a profit.

Types Of Roles In MetaSoccer

Metasoccer, like physical soccer, has roles. A player is required to start playing the game. That player can play any position. Each player will first join the youth scout to receive mentorship. The mentorship period lasts 5 days in real time. Each new player will be between the ages of 25 and 30, with a life span of 65 years.

Following the mentorship period, a player can take on the following basic roles:

  • Forward Player
  • Midfielder Player
  • Goalkeeper
  • Defender

In the future, users may be selected specific roles such as right wing-back, centre back, right forward, and so on.

Special skills

A player’s special skills may be enhanced by specific actions such as learning, ageing, role, and so on.

Here are some selected that a user may possess:

  • Penalty Stopper
  • Kicker Goalkeeper
  • Kaiser Defender
  • Dribbler
  • Warrior
  • Penalty Kicker

What Is the Difference Between the $MSU and $MSC Coins/Tokens?

The MetaSoccer ecosystem’s native tokens are $MSU and $MSC. Both can be used to make purchases and spend money.


The Metasoccer ecosystem’s native token is $MSU, which stands for Metasoccer Universe. It operates on the ERC-20 blockchain. It is the primary coin/token used in the majority of transactions. Users can use $MSU to buy players, NFTs, teams, and so on. It is also a governance token/coin that can be voted on.


$MSC, or Metasoccer Cash, is another native token in the Metasoccer ecosystem, but its applications differ from those of $MSU. It’s used to make purchases in-game. It can be used to buy players, level up players, play matches, and rent out properties, and all rewards are paid in $MSC.

How To Earn $MSU & $MSC Coin In MetaSoccer?

MetaSoccer is a Play to Earn game in which players earn $MSC and $MSU coins for playing. They can profit by selling their coins on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Users can earn it in the following ways:

Ranking high on the leaderboard
Selling players
Renting Stadium/Team/Player
Betting on matches
Winning matches
Selling tickets of the matches

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