5 Special Tokens to Add to Your Portfolio This Christmas- ENJ, CHZ, BIG

Many cryptocurrencies’ prices have been trending down for several months, with no end in sight. These price decreases have also been accompanied by a number of tragic events. The recent liquidation of FTX is an example of such a situation. Because of the frightening market situation in the cryptocurrency space, no one wants to buy right now.

5  Special Tokens to Add to Your Portfolio This Christmas- ENJ, CHZ, BIG
5 Special Tokens to Add to Your Portfolio This Christmas

Enjin (ENJ)

Enjin (ENJ) : is a decentralized ecosystem that aims to make enterprise blockchain technology integration easier. The network is referred to as a PaaS by developers due to its structure and features (Platform-as-a-Service). Notably, Enjin enables businesses to use blockchain infrastructure without having to write any blockchain-specific code.

Enjin removes the technical and financial barriers that prevent people from trading, monetizing, and marketing using blockchain-based strategies.

Enjin is a one-of-a-kind metaverse project. Unlike the others on this list, it does not include a virtual world with interactive features. Enjin, on the other hand, provides a platform for creators to easily create NFTs for use in blockchain-based metaverse games.

The Enjin software development kit (SDK) ensures that Ethereum-based NFTs can be minted by creators of all levels of experience, resulting in over 1.1 billion digital assets created through Enjin’s system.

One of the most appealing aspects of using Enjin to create NFTs is that it ensures a consistent level of liquidity. This means that Enjin creators who create NFTs like digital art, in-game items, or virtual real estate can always’melt’ their NFT in exchange for ENJ – Enjin’s native token.

Enjin is well-positioned to capitalise on the market’s growing NFT momentum, specially during the holiday season. In-game blockchain assets give gamers and developers an undeniable advantage, making ENJ one of the top four cryptos to add to your portfolio this Christmas.

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Chiliz (CHZ

Chiliz exchange is a cryptocurrency platform that allows users to buy and sell Fan Tokens issued by Socios.com. It is the world’s first crypto exchange to tokenize sports and entertainment. Many crypto enthusiasts and fans can now sell, trade, and buy Fan Tokens of the biggest stars in entertainment and sports.

The Chiliz Exchange pairs Fan Tokens with the platform’s native token, CHZ. With the possibility of moving into its own blockchain, the token received a lot of attention in the news. If successful, this move will significantly reduce network transaction costs while also improving utility.

Many sports and crypto enthusiasts can use CHZ to purchase tokens for their favourite teams while also gaining access to exclusive community experiences and products.

Fans, for example, can meet their favorite sports heroes and even vote on the team. The Chiliz network has already formed over 120 partnerships with various sports teams, and the token is available on a number of well-known cryptocurrency exchanges.

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Polygon (MATIC) 

MATIC is an excellent blockchain that eliminates the challenges of a decentralised ecosystem while making transactions cheaper, faster, safer, and more reliable. It was released as a response to Joseph Poon and Vitalik’s whitepaper on the plasma framework.

Polygon, Ethereum’s Internet of Blockchains, evolved from the MATIC Network. The current MATIC solution is still functional and necessary, and the MATIC token is still important for securing and controlling the Ethereum network.

The network describes itself as a scaling solution for layer two. Its one-of-a-kind transaction fulfilment technology enables up to 65,000 transactions per second on each side chain. Furthermore, the system employs proof-of-stake checkpoints, which could allow for millions of transactions on the blockchain in the future. Furthermore, Polygon’s side chains are intended to support decentralised finance protocols within the Ethereum ecosystem.

Polygon experienced incredible gains in 2021, increasing 13,000% between January and May of that year, from less than 2 cents to $2.68. Polygon rebounded after a brief dip, reaching an all-time high of $2.8768 in December 2021. This holiday season, the coin is likely to repeat its price rally, making it one of the top tokens to add to your portfolio.

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Litecoin  (LTC

Litecoin is one of the most valuable cryptos in the economy, making it an ideal candidate for a buy on the dip. It is one of the oldest cryptos on the market and was created as a result of a fork in the Bitcoin blockchain. Unfortunately, after making substantial gains in past years, it has stumbled greatly this year. However, in recent weeks, LTC has shown signs of a rebound, stating a comeback in its fortunes.

One of the first cryptocurrencies to enter the market was Litecoin. As a result, it is still one of the most valuable coins in the sector in terms of market capitalization. This popular coin is available on nearly every cryptocurrency exchange. Furthermore, it is one of the world’s most widely accepted cryptocurrencies. LTC can be used to buy goods and services, as well as to invest in new crypto projects as they emerge.

Many traders see Litecoin as a more long-term option in the market. Their points of view are not without merit. For one thing, it is less volatile than Bitcoin. Furthermore, the development team behind this project is slightly more advantageous than that behind Bitcoin. Specifically, the developers have repeatedly demonstrated their desire to stay technologically ahead of the competition.

LTC, like BTC, is open-source and highly decentralised. It is also faster than BTC, taking only 2.5 minutes per transaction as opposed to nine minutes. Its transactions are also at least 40% less expensive than those of Bitcoin. However, maintaining its market share and brand equity has proven difficult. However, due to its unique features and value to its users, LTC has a long-term case, making it one of the top tokens to add to your portfolio this Christmas.

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What exactly is Big Eyes Coin (BIG)?

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a cryptocurrency that aspires to be successful in a variety of fields. To begin, this meme coin differs from other crypto ventures. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) aims to change the world and show that meme coins can be market leaders as well. One of the token’s most notable applications is the creation of non-fungible tokens. Because of this feature, Big Eyes Coin can be compared to some of the market’s most well-known coins, such as Cardano, Solana, and Ethereum.

Big Eyes Coin Coin (BIG), the next meme coin to make cryptocurrency billionaires after Shiba Inu, could be the next. The brand-new cryptocurrency will use its adorable cat persona to make people smile and laugh while remaining useful. The cryptocurrency asset has a unique tax-free ecosystem, making it a platform for everyone, regardless of financial situation. The characteristics of Big Eyes Coin (BIG) will help it achieve its goal of increasing DeFi adoption. The Ethereum-based system will include a Swap, an NFT market, and a community supported by incentives and rewards. BIG, the platform’s native token, will promote trade and transactions in the crypto marketplace and ensure the proper operation of the ecosystem.

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