Who Will Flip on Trump and When? Legal Analyst Shares His Predictions with Michael Cohen

Former federal prosecutor Harry Litman recently shared his predictions about who he thinks will be among the first to flip on Donald Trump in Fulton County’s racketeering case. Litman made these predictions during an interview with Michael Cohen on his “Mea Culpa” podcast.

The conversation began with a discussion of Trump’s documents scandal, but it quickly turned to the Georgia election case. Litman noted that there are several dozen witnesses and co-defendants involved in the four criminal cases and two civil cases that Trump is facing. He said that many of these co-defendants will likely start to point fingers at each other, and ultimately at Trump himself.

Litman began by naming Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis as one of the most likely to flip. He pointed to Ellis’s public statements about the case, which have been critical of Trump. In a recent post on Twitter, Ellis wrote that Trump could have issued a blanket pardon for anyone involved in the January 6 attacks and the 2020 election overthrow attempts, but he chose not to.

Litman also mentioned Rudy Giuliani as a potential flip-flopper. Giuliani has been a vocal supporter of Trump, but he has also been implicated in the Georgia election case. Litman said that Giuliani may be willing to cooperate with prosecutors in order to avoid jail time.

Finally, Litman mentioned former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows as someone who could potentially flip on Trump. Meadows has been subpoenaed by the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 attacks, and he has so far refused to cooperate. However, Litman said that Meadows may be willing to cooperate with prosecutors in order to protect himself from criminal charges.

In addition to these three high-profile figures, Litman also said that the lower-level people involved in the conspiracy, such as the fake electors, are also potential flip-floppers. He said that these people may be willing to cooperate with prosecutors in order to get a reduced sentence.

Litman’s predictions are based on his experience as a federal prosecutor. He said that he has seen this pattern play out in other cases, and he believes that it is likely to happen in the Trump case as well.

It is still too early to say for sure who will flip on Trump, but Litman’s predictions are certainly worth considering. If his predictions are correct, it could spell trouble for Trump as he faces mounting legal challenges.

Here are some additional factors that could influence who flips on Trump:

  • The severity of the charges against each individual. Those who face the most serious charges may be more likely to cooperate in order to get a lighter sentence.
  • The financial resources of each individual. Those who cannot afford to pay for their own legal defense may be more likely to cooperate in order to get a plea deal.
  • The personal relationships between each individual and Trump. Those who have a close personal relationship with Trump may be less likely to cooperate, even if they face serious charges.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to flip on Trump is a personal one. Each individual will need to weigh the risks and rewards of cooperation before making a decision. However, Litman’s predictions suggest that there are a number of people who may be willing to cooperate with prosecutors in order to take down Trump.

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