$60k or $80K Where Bitcoin Price Heading by June End?

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Consolidation Within Bullish Flag Pattern Amid Economic Factors and Miner Activity. On June 15, 2024, Bitcoin’s price dynamics have been closely monitored as it consolidates within a bullish flag pattern. This period of consolidation is influenced by various economic factors and significant selling activity by miners and whales.

Recent Bitcoin Price Movements

For over a week, Bitcoin has faced intense selling pressure. This led to a decline from $71,947 to $66,197, marking an 8.3% pullback. Several factors contributed to this decline, including pre-CPI data uncertainty, notable outflows from Bitcoin ETFs, whale distribution, and Bitcoin miners’ capitulation. During this downturn, Bitcoin developed a bearish reversal pattern and broke key support levels, signaling a potential continuation of the downtrend.

Consolidation Phase

Bitcoin has been trading sideways for the past three months, taking a breather from its prevailing uptrend. This consolidation within two parallel trendlines has revealed the formation of a bullish flag—a chart setup often seen during strong uptrends to stabilize price action before a higher rally.

Recent Reversal and Market Cap Impact

On June 7, 2024, Bitcoin faced another reversal from the overhead trendline. This indicates that investors might witness prolonged consolidation. The bearish turnaround brought Bitcoin to a four-week low of $64,936, while the market cap dropped to $1.28 trillion.

Miner Selling Activity

A recent analysis by crypto trader Alicharts highlighted significant selling activity by Bitcoin miners. They sold over 1,200 BTC, worth more than $79.20 million, contributing to the recent price correction. Data from CryptoQuant showed a sharp rise in miner selling starting June 10, 2024, correlating with a decline in Bitcoin’s price. This suggests miners are struggling to maintain operations following the recent halving.

Whale Activity

Traders have also noted significant market movements by Bitcoin whales, based on data from Santiment. Bitcoin whales have liquidated over 50,000 BTC in the past 10 days, amounting to approximately $3.30 billion. The provided chart shows a clear correlation between these large-scale sales and a downward trend in Bitcoin’s price over the same period.

Potential Future Movements

On Friday, sellers breached the combined support of $66,588 and the 50-day EMA slope. If this breakdown sustains, Bitcoin’s price could plunge to a low of $57,000 by the end of June, seeking support from the flag pattern’s lower trendline. For buyers to regain control, a breakout above the flag pattern is needed, which could bolster a rally to $90,000.


Bitcoin’s current price dynamics are a mix of consolidation within a bullish flag pattern and significant selling pressure from miners and whales. The recent selling activity by miners and whales has contributed to the price decline, while the consolidation phase suggests potential for future upward movement. Investors should watch for a breakout above the flag pattern, which could indicate a strong rally ahead. As always, staying informed and considering market volatility is crucial for making investment decisions in the cryptocurrency market.

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