Venice, a city drowning in tourism, aims to tackle its overpopulation issues. 

Starting April 25, visitors aged 14+ face a €5 fee for entry, aiming to reduce overcrowding. 

New Entry Fee 

The entry fee trial runs until July 14, affecting visitors during high seasons. 

Trial Period 

Hopes are high that the fee will manage crowds at iconic sites like St. Mark's Square. 

Impact on Major Sites 

Venice's city council implements measures to control the continuous influx of visitors. 

Overcrowding Solutions 

Venice previously implemented an overnight tax in 2011 and banned large cruise ships in 2021. 

Historical Preservation 

Entrance fees must be paid in advance through a dedicated online portal for visits between 8:30 am and 4 pm. 

Online Portal for Payments 

Discounts offered for overnight stays or evening visits; check details on the Council's website. 

Discounts for Overnight Stays 

The new entry fee is separate from the existing nightly 'bed' tax paid for the first five consecutive nights. 

Separation from 'Bed' Tax 

From June 1, walking tours capped at 25 people to enhance visitor experience. 

Walking Tour Limit 

Changes aim to alleviate Venice's tourism crisis, offering a better quality of life for both residents and visitors. 

Future Hopes