Exciting Upgrade

Turkish Airlines unveils Next-Gen Business Class Suite from its Turkish  Cabin Interior arm. Get ready for a luxurious experience!

Exclusive Design 

Introducing the 'Crystal' seat design, a masterpiece by TCI. Stylish and comfortable, it's set to redefine long-haul travel. 

Fleet Revamp 

The new Business Class Suite will grace the Airbus A350 fleet arriving  from 2026, offering complete privacy and direct aisle access. 

Extended-Range A350-1000 Series 

Experience non-stop flights from Istanbul to Sydney and Melbourne with  the extended-range A350-1000 series. Your journey just got more  convenient. 

Boeing 777 Upgrade 

The 'Crystal' design will also elevate Turkish Airlines' Boeing 777  fleet, replacing the outdated 2-3-2 layout. Say goodbye to the middle  seat! 

Privacy Priority 

Turkish Airlines promises "complete privacy" for each passenger, making your journey more exclusive and comfortable. 

Direct Aisle Access 

Enjoy the luxury of direct aisle access with the new Business Class Suite, ensuring a seamless travel experience. 

Unique Design 

This special business class creation is unique to Turkish Airlines, designed to utilize all available space for your comfort. 

Fleet Enhancement 

Turkish Airlines president Ahmet Bolat confirms the upgrade of 777s with  the new business class seats, ensuring a consistent premium experience. 

Customized Comfort 

Unlike standard seat options, Turkish Airlines' unique design offers  personalized space, setting it apart in terms of comfort and style. 

Unveiling Soon 

Reports suggest the Crystal business class may be revealed in May at the  Aircraft Interiors Expo show in Hamburg. Stay tuned for the grand  reveal! 

Elevated Experience 

Brace yourself for an unparalleled travel experience as Turkish Airlines  introduces the Crystal business class, a perfect blend of elegance and  comfort.