Qantas A350 Premium Economy Unveiled 

Discover Qantas' new Premium Economy on the A350 – a game-changer for comfort and style. 

40" Pitch, 2-4-2 Layout 

Experience the spacious 40" pitch and 2-4-2 seating layout for maximum comfort. 

Enhanced Legroom and Accessibility 

Say goodbye to cramped spaces. Enjoy enhanced legroom for a more relaxed journey. 

Wellness Zone for Passenger Comfort 

Immerse yourself in Qantas' Wellness Zone, ensuring a rejuvenating travel experience. 

Safran-Designed Seats 

Crafted by Safran and customized by Qantas, the new seats redefine premium comfort. 

Increased Privacy with Winged Headrest 

Enjoy privacy and comfort with the unique winged headrest design for each passenger. 

Sculpted Design for Extra Space 

The sculpted design maximizes space, ensuring a comfortable and refined journey. 

Convenient Device Groove 

A smart groove in the tray table lets you enjoy entertainment while having your meal. 

High-Power USB-C Ports 

Stay connected with two high-power USB-C ports for all your charging needs. 

Brighter Color Palette 

Experience a lighter and brighter color palette, creating a crisp and refined ambiance. 

Consistent Aesthetic from Tip to Tail 

Qantas A350 adopts a consistent aesthetic, connecting all cabins for a holistic experience. 

Peaceful Economy Class Revamp 

Discover the refreshed Economy Class with a peaceful color scheme and improved comfort.