Earning Elite Miles 

Discover how to earn elite miles for KrisFlyer status through flights and fare types. 

Elite Silver Milestone 

Set your goal: Earn 25,000 elite miles in 12 months for KrisFlyer Elite Silver. 

Gold Elite Status 

Understand the higher milestone – 50,000 elite miles – for KrisFlyer Gold Elite. 

Fare Types and Earning Rates 

Explore Singapore Airlines' earning rates for elite miles based on different fare types. 

Convenient Miles Calculator 

Utilize the Singapore Airlines miles calculator for easy calculation of your travel-related elite miles. 

Sydney to Singapore Journey 

Plan your trip – understand the required flights from Sydney to Singapore to achieve Silver status. 

Sydney to London Adventure 

Dive into the numbers for Sydney to London travel, revealing the elite miles needed for Silver status. 

Partner Airlines and Elite Miles 

Learn how flying with partners like Virgin Australia and Virgin Atlantic contributes to elite miles. 

Elite Silver Lounge Access 

Explore lounge access details – Priority Pass and pay-per-use lounges – as Elite Silver status doesn't grant lounge access. 

KrisFlyer Elite Silver Benefits 

Uncover the benefits of Elite Silver, including priority and service fee discounts. 

Journey to KrisFlyer Elite Gold 

Keep the momentum – learn about reaching 50,000 Elite miles and achieving KrisFlyer Elite Gold status.