Garuda Expands Routes

Garuda Indonesia boosts flights from Sydney and Melbourne to Bali and Jakarta, providing more travel options.

Jakarta Schedule 

Starting April 6, Sydney to Jakarta flights increase to 4 times per week, offering convenient schedules. 

Sydney to Jakarta Flights 

GA 713: Sydney to Jakarta - 11:45 am departure, 4:30 pm arrival. 

Jakarta to Sydney Flights 

GA 712: Jakarta to Sydney - 10:55 pm departure, 9:45 am arrival the next day. 

Melbourne to Jakarta Flights 

GA 717: Melbourne to Jakarta - 6:30 pm departure, 7:45 pm arrival. 

Jakarta to Melbourne Flights 

GA 716: Jakarta to Melbourne - 1:55 pm departure, 12:15 pm arrival. 

Bali Flight Expansion 

Flights to Bali increase gradually, reaching daily frequency from July 6. 

Sydney to Bali Flights 

GA 715: Sydney to Bali - 10 am departure, 2:35 pm arrival. 

Bali to Sydney Flights 

GA 714: Bali to Sydney - 11:25 pm departure, 7:10 am arrival the next day. 

Melbourne to Bali Flights 

GA 719: Melbourne to Bali - 7 am departure, 11:05 am arrival. 

Bali to Melbourne Flights 

GA 718: Bali to Melbourne - 10:05 pm departure, 6:30 am arrival the next day. 

Daylight Saving Time Note 

Important note: Daylight Saving Time ends on April 7 in Sydney and Melbourne, resumes on October 6.