Cathay Pacific's Jet Evolution 

Upgrade alert: Cathay Pacific plans to elevate your travel experience with an overhaul of its regional Airbus A330 fleet.

Regional Routes Revamped 

Cathay Pacific's regional A330s will receive a makeover from 2026, featuring upgraded business class and economy class seats. 

Tip-to-Tail Transformation 

Boeing 777 Aria Business Class launch, Cathay Pacific  extends the upgrade spree to A330s, enhancing first class and premium  economy too. 

A330's Dominance in Asia 

Discover how Cathay's twin-aisle A330s dominate short- to medium-haul routes across Asia, connecting travelers seamlessly. 

Premium Economy Unveiled 

Explore the introduction of premium economy seats on select A330s,  offering a new level of comfort for passengers on regional flights. 

Streamlining Cabin Layouts 

Cathay Pacific aims to streamline A330 cabin layouts, enhancing operational flexibility and passenger experience. 

Business Class Speculations 

CEO Ronald Lam hints at potential changes, sparking speculations about a  new A330 business class seat, possibly tailored for regional travel. 

Regional Business Class Reimagined 

Could the A330s see a return of reclining regional business class seats? Dive into the possibilities. 

A Nod to Dragonair Legacy 

Reflecting on the regional recliner history, reminiscent of Cathay's  former arm, Dragonair, which once flew similar A330 configurations. 

Wifi Revolution in the Skies 

Stay connected: Cathay Pacific contemplates offering free wifi to business class passengers and Cathay Diamond members. 

Strategic Airline Restructuring 

Get insights into Cathay Pacific's broader restructuring plans,  including potential lounge developments at Hong Kong's Terminal 2. 

Unveiling Tomorrow's Journey 

Witness the unfolding of Cathay Pacific's journey, promising an enhanced  travel experience, from upgraded cabins to cutting-edge amenities.