Direct Brisbane-Dallas Flights! 

Embark on an adventure with American Airlines' new route from Brisbane  to Dallas-Fort Worth. Launching on Oct 27, 2024, it's American's longest  flight at 13,357 km

Seamless Transpacific Travel Ahead 

Enjoy direct connectivity with a 17-hour flight! American Airlines'  Boeing 787 Dreamliner ensures a comfortable journey. Brisbane to Dallas  in one nonstop trip. 

Gateway to the USA 

Explore Texas! Dallas serves as a gateway to the diverse landscapes of  the United States. Immerse in the charm of Texas Hill Country, vibrant  Austin, and bustling Houston. 

This route fosters economic and cultural ties between Australia and the  U.S. It creates opportunities for trade, tourism, and investment,  benefiting both nations. 

A Glimpse into the Adventure 

From iconic landmarks to culinary delights, Brisbane has it all. Immerse  in nature, savor diverse cuisine, explore arts and culture, and indulge  in retail therapy. 

Dallas, Texas, offers a blend of history and hospitality. Explore  museums, step back in time at Dealey Plaza, embrace the outdoors, and  relish Tex-Mex cuisine. 

American Airlines' new route connects to various U.S. cities. Extend  your journey to discover iconic landmarks, charming towns, and hidden  gems across the continent. 

Ticketing and Pricing: Mark Your Calendar! 

Tickets go on sale on April 10, 2024. Visit American Airlines' website  for competitive fares and be on the lookout for special promotions. 

Cabin Classes: Tailored to Your Comfort 

Choose from Flagship Business, Premium Economy, or Main Cabin. Enjoy  amenities like lie-flat seats, extra legroom, and in-flight  entertainment. 

Advantage Miles: Elevate Your Journey 

Use AAdvantage miles for flights, upgrades, or lounge access. Plan ahead  and consider pre-paid upgrades for an enhanced travel experience. 

Check visa requirements for smooth travel. Australian citizens need an  ESTA visa waiver for the U.S. Travelers from the U.S. should review  Australia's entry regulations. 

Pro Tips for a Smooth Journey 

Book early, sign up for alerts, download the app, pack smart, and stay  informed. Plan your dream trip and experience the collision of two  vibrant cultures in the sky!