Solar Power Scheme 2023 : Govt Giving Free Power, Know Who Benefits & How?

There are various problems in our country, one of them is the problem of electricity, this problem is a big problem especially for laborers, laborers and their families living in other places for wages. Keeping them in mind, Uttar Pradesh government has planned to provide free electricity to them. The name of this scheme is UP Solar Energy Assistance Scheme. How its beneficiaries will benefit from this scheme and how they can apply for it. With this information we have brought you this article. Read till the end.

Solar Energy Scheme

What is UP Solar Energy Assistance Scheme?

The UP government has launched this scheme to deal with electricity related problems. Free electricity will be provided to the beneficiaries under this scheme. But the UP Solar Energy Assistance Scheme is not only launched to solve the problem of electricity but its main objective is to maximize the use of solar energy instead of alternative energy. So that climate change can be stopped.

Who will benefit from the scheme?

Uttar Pradesh Government has officially launched UP Solar Energy Scheme for registered workers and workers and their families. The government has not only launched this scheme to provide free electricity to laborers and workers, but under this scheme they are also being encouraged to use solar energy.

Thus, by launching this scheme, Uttar Pradesh government is killing two birds with one stone. On the one hand climate change is to be curbed by promoting solar energy and on the other hand the emphasis is on increasing the efficiency of labor and workers.

Advantages of solar energy

As we said that the UP government has launched this scheme to promote solar energy, but we also talk about the benefits of solar energy. Actually electricity is generated naturally from solar energy, so using it does not cause any harm to the environment. We tell you that using it will save you from paying electricity bills and will also provide plenty of electricity without interruption.

Eligibility to avail the scheme

  • First of all, it is mandatory to register the beneficiary with the labor department.
  • Resident of Uttar Pradesh is mandatory.
  • Apart from this, they should not take advantage of other schemes like solar energy, lanterns run by the government.
  • Worker or worker’s family shall be treated as one entity.
  • This benefit can be taken by the laborer himself or his wife/husband or guardian.
  • If the laborer’s son or daughter is below 21 years of age, he or she is also eligible.

Documents required for application

Applicants need their Ration Card, Aadhaar Card, Labor Card, Passport Size Photo and Mobile Number to avail this scheme.

How to apply

To avail this scheme, the beneficiaries have to visit the official website of Uttar Pradesh Labor Department and apply. We tell you that as soon as you go to the official website, you have to register the labor first. After this you will get a form to apply for the scheme. You have to fill all the information asked in this form there. Then you have to click on the button to open the application. After this, you have to submit the form by filling all the information correctly but attaching the copy of the documents. This application can also be done offline, for which applicants have to visit their nearest Labor Office or Tehsil or Development Group to collect the form.

Helpline number

For more information related to the scheme, you can call the helpline number 1800-180-5412 from your phone.

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