Parvatmala Yojana 2023

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Life in the mountains is very different from that in the plains. So the people there have to face various kinds of crisis. Especially connectivity because there are many areas in the mountains where there is no connectivity at all. Hence the participation of people from there is very less. Keeping this in mind, Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Jairam Thakur has taken the responsibility of improving the connectivity there. A new scheme is being started by them for that. Named Parvatamala Yojana. This was announced long ago. But its work is now going to start in 2023. Let’s know more about this scheme.

Range Plan

Parvatmala Yojana 2023

Name of the schemeMountain range planning / Parvatamala Yojana
started withChief Minister Jairam Thakur
When did it start?2022-23
ObjectiveIncreasing connectivity in the hills
Beneficiarymountain dweller
applicationwill not be done
Official websiteNot released yet
Helpline numberdid not leave

Objectives of the Parvatmala Yojana

The Himachal Pradesh government is launching a mountain range scheme to increase connectivity there. Because the only means is the road. But after this rope-way will be the only means. Through which people can easily do their work and get what they need on time. Keeping this in mind, this scheme has been launched.

Advantages of Parvatmala Yojana

  • Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Jairam Thakur has started this scheme. So the people there will benefit from it.
  • As a benefit of this scheme, the people there will get a gift of ropeway. This will further increase connectivity.
  • Due to this scheme, people living in hilly areas will get great relief. Because it will help them a lot in carrying and fetching stuff.
  • The government had announced this scheme in 2022. However, the work of this project will be done in the year 2023.
  • As soon as the Parvatama Scheme is launched, the places which may have been missing due to connectivity will be visited for tourism.
  • Along with people, road transport will also benefit from this scheme. Because this will reduce the cost of land acquisition.

Eligibility Eligibility in Parvatmala Yojana

  • After that this scheme is being started for Himachal Pradesh. But after that it will be started in other hill states also.
  • This scheme has been announced by the Ministry of Finance. In which a 60 km long ropeway was announced. About 8 ropeways will be constructed in this.
  • This scheme is also being started to reduce road traffic.
  • The government has prepared a budget for the Parvatamala scheme, under which the work will be done.

Documents in the Parvatmala Yojana

For the benefit of the people, the government is starting the Parvatama Yojana. So no documents of any kind will be attached with it. Whatever work will be done in this, the government will do it for the people.

Application under Parvatmala Yojana 

You don’t need to follow any application process for Parvatamala scheme. Because the government is launching this scheme to expand the areas where there is no connectivity, people there need not fill any application. The government will keep a close eye on this work.

Parvatmala Yojana Official Website

Parvatmala Yojana is nothing less than a gift to the people of Himachal, so if you also want to know about this Yojana, you must visit its official website and read all the information properly. you will know How is this plan working? But it will have to wait for some time. Because there is still time to release the official website.

Parvatmala Yojana Helpline Number

When is the government going to release the website of Parvatmala Yojana? Along with that, his helpline number will also be issued. After that you can also call for information and if any complaint can also be registered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: By whom is the Parvatamala Yojana being initiated?

Answer: Himachal Pradesh Government is launching Parvatmala Scheme.

Q: What is a Parvatmala Yojana?

Answer: Range Plan An addition for places where there is no means.

Q: When was the Parvatmala Yojana started?

Answer: This scheme was launched in 2022-23.

Question: Who announced the Parvatmala Yojana?

Answer: Parvatmala Yojana was announced by the Finance Minister.

Question: What will be created in the Parvatmala Yojana?

Answer: A rope-way will be constructed in the Parvatmala scheme.

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