Old Age Pension : Register now that you will get Rs 1500 per month pension

After reaching old age, the only support for old people to live is the pension from the government. But in today’s increasing inflation, it also falls short. Keeping this in mind, a decision is being taken to increase the amount available under the Old Age Pension Scheme run by the UP Government. Yes, the pension amount will increase by Rs.1000. In this article, we are giving you information about this scheme and the registration process to avail it.

Old Age Pension : Register now that you will get Rs 1500 per month pension

what is the plan

A few years ago, the Uttar Pradesh government launched a scheme for the elderly in their state, the scheme is called the Chief Minister’s Old Age Pension Scheme. Under this scheme, after the retirement of the old people, some amount is deposited in their account in the form of pension. Recently the government has decided to increase this amount.

How much is given now?

While this scheme is running till now, money is deposited in the bank account of the beneficiary under this scheme every 3 months in the amount of Rs. 500 per month. This means that the government deposits a pension amount of Rs 1500 in the beneficiary’s bank account every 3 months.

How much will you pay now?

The UP government has recently decided to give good news to the elderly of the state. That is, in the old age pension scheme, 500 rupees per month was given by the government earlier, but now it will be increased by 1000 rupees. This means that now the elderly will get a pension of Rs 1500 instead of Rs 500 per month. That is, every 3 months the pension amount of Rs.4500 will be deposited in his bank account.

What is the age and income limit

To avail this scheme, the beneficiary should be a resident of Uttar Pradesh and should be 60 years of age or above. Apart from this, the income of such old people living and working in the village should not be more than 46 thousand rupees per annum. And the annual income of the elderly people living in the city should not exceed Rs.56,000. Along with this, the benefit will not be given to such senior citizens who are in government jobs.

What documents will be required?

If you are eligible to benefit from this scheme, you have to fill an application form for registration. Along with this some documents like Aadhaar card, identity card, income proof, address proof, caste certificate, bank account details, mobile number and email id will be required for your identification.

How to register

The government has made the registration process easy and online. So that the elderly will not suffer in any way. To apply online, the beneficiary has to click on Old Age Pension Yojana after knowing the official website. After this, they will have an option to apply online, click on it, then the application will open on their screen. They have to fill all the information in it and attach the necessary documents. And then submit the form by entering the captcha code.

In this way, the process of registration of senior citizens will be completed in this scheme. And they will start getting pension from Govt.

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