German Government Just Transferred Another 200 Bitcoin To Coinbase

Germany Continues Bitcoin Transfers, Sending 200 BTC to Coinbase. On June 20, 2024, the German government transferred 200 Bitcoin (BTC) to the American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, raising concerns in the crypto community. This transfer, worth approximately $65 million, was discovered by Arkham Intelligence. At the time of the transfer, Bitcoin was trading at $64,916.31.

Series of Transfers

In the past 48 hours, Arkham Intelligence noticed several Bitcoin transfers from a German government account to various exchanges. Just a day before, on June 19, at around 16:47 UTC+8, 500 BTC were transferred to both Kraken and Bitstamp. This transfer of 1,000 BTC was valued at approximately $65.24 million. By the end of the day, a total of 1,500 BTC had been moved to Coinbase, Kraken, and Bitstamp.

Remaining Bitcoin in German Government’s Wallet

After the initial transfer on June 19, the German government had 47.859k BTC in its wallet, worth about $3.1 billion. Currently, there are 46,859 BTC left in the government portfolio, valued at $3.04 billion. The purpose of these transfers is unclear, but Miguel More, CEO of Arkham, suggests that the nature of the transfers signals a potential intention to sell the Bitcoin soon. This move might add to the significant outflows seen in spot Bitcoin ETFs recently.

Speculations About Ethereum

An X user speculated that Germany might be converting its Bitcoin into Ethereum (ETH). Although this is not certain, Ethereum has recently attracted significant attention from investors, particularly after the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) dropped its months-long investigation into the coin.

SEC’s Changing Stance on Ethereum

For a long time, Ethereum was under scrutiny by the U.S. SEC, which considered it a security rather than a commodity like Bitcoin. This classification almost hindered the debut of spot Ethereum ETFs. Several crypto exchanges trading Ethereum were accused of violating federal securities law by listing unregistered ETH securities. However, on May 23, the SEC approved eight spot Ethereum ETFs, signaling a possible shift in its stance on the cryptocurrency. The dismissal of the Ethereum investigation further indicates that the SEC’s rigorous crackdown on crypto firms might be easing.

Implications and Future Outlook

The recent transfers by the German government and the evolving stance of the SEC on Ethereum have significant implications for the crypto market. If Germany is indeed planning to sell its Bitcoin, it could impact Bitcoin’s price and market dynamics. On the other hand, the SEC’s approval of spot Ethereum ETFs and the dismissal of the investigation could boost investor confidence in Ethereum.


The ongoing Bitcoin transfers by the German government and the SEC’s changing stance on Ethereum highlight the dynamic and complex nature of the cryptocurrency market. As regulatory environments evolve, market participants must stay informed and adaptable to navigate these changes effectively. The actions of major entities like the German government and the SEC will continue to shape the future of cryptocurrencies.

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