E-Shram Card 2023 : Payment has started, check if it has been received in your account

Friends, you will be happy to know that Resource Department has started remittance for e-Labor Card. Yes, this is very good news for the workers who have generated their e-Labor Card. The department has started depositing up to Rs.1000 in the workers’ accounts. If you are a laborer and you have also been issued an e-Labor Card. So you should immediately check whether the money has reached your account or not. You will get complete information regarding this in this article.


What is E-Labor Card?

Government of India has always launched many schemes for the welfare of the weaker sections of the country. E-Labor Card is one of them. Under this scheme, the workers of the country have to go to this e-labor portal and register themselves. And after that their e-Labor Card is generated. After making this card, the government transfers Rs 1000 to their bank account every month. This amount will be credited to their bank account up to two lakh rupees. Not only the organized workers of the country but also the unorganized sector workers are being registered in this scheme. Accident insurance of Rs 2 lakh is also being provided to the workers under this scheme.

how much money

500 rupees, 1000 rupees and 2000 rupees are being sent by the government to the bank account of all the beneficiary workers. But there are many workers who have not received money in their accounts. Let us know why this is so.

Why is the money not coming?

There can be two reasons for non-receipt of money in the bank account of workers who have generated e-Labor Card. The first reason may be that the worker’s card has not been updated. And another reason could be that the laborer’s e-labor card is not linked to his bank account. Or even if the bank account is not linked to their Aadhaar card, this problem may arise. Due to these reasons money does not reach the worker’s bank account. If this has happened to you too, you should check this first.

How to Update E-Labor Card

If the e-labor card of the workers is not updated then they need not worry. You can easily update while sitting at home. For this you have to go to the official portal of e-labor, from there you will get the option to update the card. And then you can easily update your labor card.

After how many days after update the money comes

When all details of workers will be updated in e-Labor Portal. And their bank account will be linked to it. And if the bank account is linked with the Aadhaar card, the money will reach the worker’s bank account within 3 days of updating.

How to Check Payment in E-Shram Card

After sending the money by the government or the concerned department, now it is the turn of how to check that the e-Labor Card money has reached your bank account. So we tell you that for this you have to go to e-labor portal. Here you will get option to check money status, click on it. After this, on the next page, you have to enter your e-Labor card number there. And you can get complete status information by pressing check status button.

So it was an easy way to check whether the e-Labor card money has been received in the worker’s account or not.

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