Dalit Bandhu Yojana Telangana 2023, Eligibility, Application, Online Application

Dalit Bandhu Yojana Telangana 2023 [Online Application, Documents, Official Website, Toll free Helpline Number, Start Last Date] Dalita Brothers Telangana Eligibility Details

Dalit Bandhu is a major scheme program for which Telangana government has taken the initiative. It is mainly a welfare scheme which is essential for the empowerment of Dalit families in the state. Soon after its launch, it has been heavily criticized by the opposition. The main objective of the scheme was to provide proper financial assistance to Dalit and backward families to improve their lifestyle and lead a better life. As you read, you will get to know about other important details of the plan.

Dalit Bandhu Yojana Telangana

Dalit Bandhu Yojana Telangana 2023

SChemical name Dalit brother
lanchored inTelangana
launched byTelangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao
target Gthe rope Dalit families
money Gexactly Rs 80,000 crore to Rs 1 lakh crore
main idea Empowerment of Dalit family
categories welfare scheme
Total BBeneficiary11,900 Dalit families
Initial Ione 1200 crores of Rs
Amount given to each family10 lakhs per family
Helpline the numberNA

Dalit brother Plan Telangana Fthe eater

Target group under the scheme –

The target of this scheme is Dalit families in Telangana

Total beneficiaries of the scheme –

The total beneficiaries of the scheme are 11,900 families comprising 100 families each in 119 constituencies.

Main objective of starting the scheme –

The main objective of this scheme is to provide financial assistance from the state government to Dalit families in each constituency. According to the Chief Minister, this will be to implement the scheme, evaluate the results and generate funds for the beneficiaries

Financial assistance to families –

A total of Rs 10 lakh will be given to each eligible family under the scheme without any bank guarantee and will be offered by the state government.

Sanctioned money for implementation of the scheme –

A total of Rs 1200 crore has been given to start an additional scheme of Rs 2000 crore for the ongoing pilot project at Huzurabad.

Division wise assistance to Dalits –

The poorest families in the division should be given priority. After that retired and rich people among Dalits should get the benefit of the scheme.

After the implementation of the scheme, the main idea is to implement and monitor its functioning as soon as possible and make it beneficial to the Dalit families of the state. Beneficiaries will be selected from a total of 20,929 families and it will be done on the basis of scrutiny by the higher officials of the state. By doing this, the state government has been trying for decades to remove the sociological and economic differences among the Dalits and show them ways to live better.

It has been demanded in the Dalit representative meeting that this financial assistance should be given directly to the Dalit family. With money, it will be easier for them to choose and decide on a course of work from which they can earn a living.

Dalit brother Plan Telangana eligibcapacity

Residential Details –

Since the scheme was launched in Telangana, only Dalit families originating from the state are eligible to apply to avail the scheme.

Details of Income –

Dalit families who want to avail the benefits of the scheme should provide the correct income details while registering online.

Identification –

Families are required to submit proper documents and identity details including the number of family members to register under the scheme.

Dalit brother Plan Telangana dDocuments

Domicile Details –

Beneficiaries should submit proper domicile details to ensure that they are original residents of Telangana and hence eligible to avail the scheme.

Proof of Income –

A Dalit family should provide income details to show that they are eligible for the benefit of this scheme.

Identity proof ,

As proper identification, they should present Aadhaar card, voter ID card or equivalent given while registering for the scheme.

Bank Details –

The financial assistance will be directly deposited into the beneficiary’s bank and requires bank account details, branch details and other information to be provided and linked to the account for availing the financial assistance.

Dalit brother Plan Telangana Apply Online, Application form

Dalit families should visit the website portal of the scheme to know details and registration of the scheme. As soon as the dates and stages are announced, the beneficiaries can easily apply for the same.

Why this plan was criticized by the opposition in Telangana

The Congress party in Telangana has considered this scheme as a poll stunt. He further said that the main idea of ​​this broadcast is to attract Dalit votes for the upcoming by-elections. Moreover, the party has questioned the necessity behind the scheme and the government has said that the scheme is primarily for financial assistance and empowerment of Dalits in Telangana. But as the state government is planning and implementing it to help Dalit families, this initiative is seen to be good.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q , What is the main idea of ​​the plan?

Answer: Provide financial assistance to Dalit families.

Q , Who are the target groups of the scheme?

Answer: Dalit families in Telangana

Q , Who initiated the plan?

Answer: Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao

Q , How much amount will be given to the beneficiaries?

Answer: 10 lakhs per family

Q , What are the total beneficiaries of the scheme?

Answer: 20,929 eligible Dalit families

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