Block CEO Jack Dorsey Says Bitcoin Can Replace US Dollar

Block Inc. CEO Jack Dorsey extended his advocacy for Bitcoin (BTC), suggesting it could replace the USD amid global economic challenges. Dorsey, a major tech innovator, praised Bitcoin’s potential in global monetary systems.

Dorsey’s Praise for Bitcoin

Jack Dorsey described Bitcoin as “permissionless freedom money.” He believes Bitcoin could either complement or overthrow the United States Dollar (USD). Currently, the USD dominates the global market. However, countries in the BRICS Group are trying to challenge its dominance. Unlike Bitcoin, using the USD requires government and bank permission. This allows the government to control individual transactions.

Dorsey acknowledged that this control helps prevent scams, attacks, and other criminal activities. However, he added that this protection comes at a significant cost.

Bitcoin’s Freedom Compared to Traditional Fiat Currency

Bitcoin provides freedom from the challenges associated with traditional fiat currency, especially the USD. Many key players in both the crypto market and traditional markets recognize Bitcoin’s ability to serve as a hedge. This is especially relevant as the United States economy faces inflation.

In March, amid Egypt’s economic turmoil, Bitwise CEO Hunter Horsley emphasized Bitcoin as a potential hedge against such crises. At the time, the Egyptian pound weakened significantly, plummeting to over 50 pounds per U.S. dollar.

“There are many reasons people buy Bitcoin. This is a scenario all hope to avoid. But the reality is that those who owned Bitcoin did much better in $ terms than those who didn’t,” Horsley said.

U.S. Economic Conditions and Bitcoin’s Role

For the United States, recent data from the University of Michigan showed positive consumer sentiment and inflation expectations. In May, consumer sentiment for the U.S. was higher at 69.1. Inflation expectations for the year ahead declined to 3.3% from 3.5%. The five-year inflation outlook remained steady at 3%, unchanged from April and below an earlier reading of 3.1%.

These economic conditions provide an opportunity for Bitcoin to take a strong position on a global scale as a reserve asset. Despite this, Bitcoin was trading at $64,300.68, down by 1.28% at the time of writing.


Jack Dorsey’s recent praise for Bitcoin highlights its potential to replace or complement the USD amid global economic challenges. Bitcoin’s ability to provide financial freedom and serve as a hedge against inflation makes it a compelling option. As global economic conditions fluctuate, Bitcoin’s role in the financial system continues to gain attention.

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